Selise Ren

Selise Ren

Born: 2368 AD

Age: Eleven and older

Height: (as an adult) 1.67m

Build: slender

Hair: red, curly, mostly long

Eyes: green

Profession: student, botanist

Love interest: Naris Aleth



Selise is a mostly carefree and sweet girl. She has a lot of friends and is liked by most, and later many tend to take her open nature for naivety, somtehing she grows up to use to her advantage. Sharp wits and sharper tongue are her biggest weapons as a teenage girl.

With her parents fighting a lot, she often flees home to stay with her beloved uncle Cyras, whom she sees as an elder brother more than an uncle, a term that falls more to Edren upon getting closer to him.

Growing into an independent and responsible young woman, she never begrudges her father for not being the role parent, knowing well that he never had any experience thanks to his own childhood, but cuts all ties to her mother after their divorce and the woman making it quite clear that she won't take Selise to live with her since her new lover hates children. Finally, she moves in with Cyras and Edren at age sixteen.

During the same year, she gets into a relationship with her long time crush Naris Aleth, a young private investigator and the elder brother of her childhood friend and classmate Nessa, whom she later marries.


Selise grows out of the typical, carefree teenager and into a hard and almost cold woman during this time that already mark the first beginnings of the civil war between the general populace and the Traditionalists that would fully break out a few years later. During the years of war and the near post-apocalyptic time that follows she runs a flower shop amidst the ruins of the city she grew up in and leads a militant anti-traditionalist group called 'Iris'.