Sarai Fireheart

Sarai Fireheart


Sarai the Tempest

Race: Human

Nation: Fireland

Age: 19 (beginning of Omega 7even)

Height: 1,73m

Build: average

Hair: Red

Eyes: amber/gold

Skin: slightly pale

Profession: Magician

Love interest: Erimes

Family: House Fireheart

Sarai was born as a privileged son of one of the higher noble houses of Fireland. As such he's never wanted for anything, at least nothing material.

He is among the strongest and most talented mages of his generation, but his physical constitution is really weak, resulting in him spending most of his life indoors and never leaving the city. Like every human mage, he suffers from a strange illness that mostly results in an early death, depending on the magical proficiency of the individual.


Sarai is mostly quiet and soft hearted, but if aggravated he quickly proves where his nickname 'Tempest' comes from.
Ever since first meeting Erimes as a child the two have been inseparable.