Kaith Brightfeather

Kaith Brightfeather


Race: Darkan - Radam Halfblood

Nation: Firelan

Age: 30 (Beginning of Omega 7even) / 62 (Blackwing)

Height: 1,76m

Build: slender

Hair: white/lavender

Eyes: violet

Skin: light

Profession: Healer, Alchemist, Royal Advisor (Blackwing)

Love interest: Gem Ashton



Father: Northern General Lapis Akaria

Mother: High Queen Shádee 

Half Brother: Aerion Ashton

Various half-siblings on his fathers side

Kaith is one of the few immortal halfblood children of the dragon general Lapis Akaria.
He grew up not knowing of his heritage until he was found by his aunt as a teenager and brought to his father, where he stayed until adulthood and taught to control his powers.


Still young for his kind, his Darkan form is a small Bluebird, but it's said that as an immortal of Akarian blood he might become a dragon later in life. As a small child he always had wings, but since his late teenage years he's able to control their appearance and disappearance at will.


He is kind hearted and hardly able to turn anyone away who asks him for help, despite his upbringing always trying to see the best in people.

For years he's forged a bond of deep thrust with his younger half brother Aerion.

Still sometimes unsure about his relationship with Gem, who is clearly looking for something more than friendship despite their differences, it took a few years until he agreed to a relationship that they mostly keep quiet and don't show much in public.


Kaith also seems to be close to Ash Crescent, but keeps the nature of their relationship a secret.