Erimes The Swift


Erimes the Swift

Race: Human

Nation: Fireland

Age: 21 (beginning of Omega 7even)

Height: 1,68m

Build: slender, wiry, athletic

Hair: black

Eyes: amber/gold

Skin: Suntanned

Profession: Thief, Treasure Hunter

Love interest: Sarai Fireheart

Family: Unknown



A human born in the year 1018 during the Age of Kings.

Growing up in an orphanage as a boy of unknown heritage, his playground were the streets of Fireland's capital, Ashford.

He grew up to be a proficient thief and lived off of it from an early age.


Erimes and the two years younger magician Sarai have been friends since their chance meeting during their early childhood. A fierce friendship that turned into even fiercer love. He is dead set on finding a cure to the sickness Sarai, like every human mage, suffers from. The thought of loosing his love at an early age is unbearable to him. 


He has a caring nature hidden behind a harsh mannerism, doesn't choose his words before speaking and hardly cares if he should rather hold his tongue.

Many say his words are as sharp as his blades, and they may well be right about it. Apart from Sarai he keeps others at a distance and hardly opens up to anyone. He manages to talk about himself for hours without revealing anything at all and deceiving people comes like second nature to him.

Erimes loves Sarai with all his heart, never having a family of his own he has noone else to care about. For him, he would go to the ends of the world and beyond.


His fighting style mirrors his nature. Fast, lethal, silent.

He uses shortswords, daggers, and throwing knives and is quite skilled with short bows and crossbows. He is an excellent climber and moves like a cat, striking when his adversary least expects him to.


Erimes loves his desert home, the heat makes him feel comfortable and energetic. He knows every part of the city, every road and underground passage. He enjoys rooftop chases and swimming in the river, but most of all exploring the ruins of the old city beyond the borders of Ashford, searching for forgotten treasures. Erimes likes cats a lot, and is oftentimes seen surrounded by some or observing them.


He has a strong dislike for the monarchy and the political system, seeing how the royal family is pushing the kingdom into ruin and it's people growing poorer and more desperate year after year.

He is certain rebellion is on the horizon and looks forward to put his blade to 'the fool of a king's' throat.
He also hates all of the arrogant mages and warlocks that make Firelands highborn and wishes for the system to change and magic to truly die out in humans.


Overall he is a man who enjoys simple pleasures, but has a very sharp mind and intelligence.