Cyras Ren (Destiny)

Cyras Ren

Age: unknown. Most likely early to mid thirties at death

Height: 1.78m

Hair color: light blue

Eye color: mint green

skin: light lavender

Species: Awoken

Class: Hunter

Current Day - Guardian Life

Cyras is young, rash when fighting and cautious when around other people. Revived without memories of his past life he does not know whom to trust and chooses to trust none but his ghost.

He is a drifter without perspective, unsure where to go and what to do. With no better options he follows the path of a guardian without question.


Upon being saved by his later companion Edren Vel he slowly starts to question his existence, the part he is supposed to play in the protection of mankind and starts to develop an interest in certain things other than stoically fighting and completing his given tasks.

He is very quiet and only talks when spoken to or when he deems it necessary, which does not happen often. Sometimes seeming a passive tag-a-long of the older and more experienced Edren, he relies on the other guardians guidance not because he is unable to survive on his own but because Edren is the only one he trusts.


Over time, he develops a sort of awkward but extremely close relationship with the warlock and gets very jealous if he does not get his undivided attention, bordering on almost vicious possessiveness.

He does not voice objections often, only when he is extremely aggravated and tends to sulk rather than talk about things that bother him.

Keeping mostly in the background he detests it if others know more than necessary about him and mostly keeps to himself. Edren is the only individual he can stand to be in close proximity of for extended periods of time.


Underneath his outward cold and distant appearance, Cyras is very compassionate, even emphatic, which is one reason he prefers not to get close to others. In the extremely rare case that he does get close to someone, he is a reliable and very supportive companion and would go to any length to ensure their safety and happiness.

He also tends to bottle up his feelings to the breaking point and getting extremely emotional when provoked enough, hiding sadness or discomfort with multiple layers of aggression.

Whenever he feels discomfort he has a strong need for comfort he would never actively voice and rather hides somewhere he doesn't get disturbed by random passer-bys.

Even when craving physical comfort, he hates to be touched unless he deeply trusts someone.


He has an interest in weapons of any kind and is sometimes found dismantling and reassembling older models he does not need any more to find out how they work, sometimes even modifying them. His favorite weapons mirror his fast and aggressive fighting style. He prefers automatic guns even though he has excellent aim with sniper rifles and opts to close range handguns and swords while trusting on Edren to support him from the rear if necessary.


Over time he develops a fondness for plants and has an assorted collection from different planets on his ship, tending to them with a lot of affection.


His favorite planet is Venus and feels a strange connection to it, although he does not remember why. Maybe it used to be his home, but he's not sure about it as he was found and revived by his ghost on earth.


He prefers to wear black or other similar dark tones with some colorful highlights.

His favorite color is purple.



Golden Age - Past Life

Cyras was born and raised on Venus. As a colony child he has little to no connection to Earth.
He is a carefree and open minded youth with quick wits and nimble hands. Upon discovering his interest for mechanics he started to studied bio-technology, but quickly reverted back to working as a mechanic and engineer.

In his free time most of his attention goes to his 'baby', an early model of what would later be called Sparrow, that he is working on in his appartment. He is also a passionate marksman and shooting is his favorite sport.


As a human Cyras originally has brown hair he dyes blonde. His eyes are a honey colored brown.

Starting to work at the Ishtar Collective he first met Edren Vel, and quickly the two quite different men became inseparable.
Apart from being long time lovers, the two of them started to work on a project together that involved studying Vex technology, but never got to finish it before the collapse.

Both Cyras and Edren became Awoken when when the collapse hit and they had to flee the planet into outer space. However, their existence as Awoken was short, as they returned to Venus shortly after the collapse to secure their research.
Edren died in the lab, securing Cyras' escape route with the memory disk containing their research, but his ship was shot down in Earth orbit and he died trying to reach the last city, never managing to get the data to safety.