Aria Rutherford (Dragon Age)

Aria Rutherford

Born: 9:43 Dragon

Husband: Crown Prince Duncan Theirin
Father: Cullen Rutherford
Mother: Erin Trevelyan
Brother: Leon Rutherford

Sister in Law: Thaliesa Arainai

Brother in Law: Kieran Theirin

Uncle: Rowan Trevelyan

Knight Captain

Princess Consort


Aria is a whirlwind, very active and a seemingly always happy ray of sunshine. She wears her heart on her sleeve and even though she is a bit quieter than her twin, she is no less social.

When she has her mind set on something she follows it through with fierce dedication, always striving to be the best. She is also quite proud and stubborn.

Aria is, like most daughters, a daddy's girl, and sees her father as one of her greatest idols.

If she is fond of a person, she tends to stick to them and be around them almost non-stop, often feeling conflicted by trying to distribute her affection and attention equally between those she loves.

Aria, like her mother, likes to dress practical more than ladylike, but takes great pride in her looks and spends a lot of time grooming her golden locks.

Like Leon, she got most of her looks from their father.

She was nicknamed "Lady" as a child, something she has chosen to stick to even growing up and way into adulthood. A fond memory of a man who had doted on her just as much as her own father had.

Among the twins she is the wilder, more agressive and quick to act one, but also the more serious one.

Duncan Theirin

The kindling to her flame, strong, kind, gentle. The one who made her truly feel like a 'lady'. The one who showed her the deepest, purest love. He is her prince charming, and she is his rare mountain flower.

Leon Rutherford
Her lion, her other half. Irreplacable and always at her side. Because they are lost without the other.

Thaliesa Arainai

The sister wanted and needed. A soul sister, a companion just as fierce as herself.


A riddle, the mage is preciously infuriating. Layer over layer of secrets and deception. But he's kind and reliable. A protector.

Erin Trevelyan

The woman who raised her, gave her love, faith, knowledge and strenght. Fierce but kind her mother is a soul with many secrets, always putting others before herself. A force to be reconed with, someone she can never reach but will never stop to try.

Cullen Rutherford

Precious, beloved father. Her idol, her strenght, she wants to be like him, strong and kind and reliable, the lion of Skyhold.

Raleigh Samson

The furnace heating her resolve and determination. Teacher, mentor, confidant. A third parent, loved and terribly missed.

Growing up in Skyhold with a twin brother and surrounded by mercenaries and inquisition forces, Aria grew up well protected but with a lot of freedom.

She was greatly influenced by the adults around her, an from a very early age she was sure she wanted to be a templar, a thing she and Leon had in common. They both started training at arms barely after they could walk, and she was quite adept at swordplay long before she could properly read and write. Other than her twin, who had to work insanely hard to even be close to her in skill, Aria was a prodigy and born warrior.

At age 14, she fell in love with Duncan, at that time a young, freshly appointed templar visiting Skyhold, and got officially engaged to him two years later. They wouldn't marry before another two years later, right after she officially joined the templar order at age 18 and moved to Denerim.

Even as princess consort she stayed in the order, quickly advancing through the ranks to knight captain.