Aerion Ashton

Aerion Ashton


Race: Human

Nation: Fireland

Age: 53 (beginning of Blackwing)

Height: 1,68m

Build: slender, wiry, athletic

Hair: black

Eyes: amber/gold

Skin: tanned

Profession: Lord Regent of Fireland

Love interest: - (deceased) 



Father: Fahrid Aidan Ashton

Mother: High Queen Shádee

5 Half-Brothers, 3 Half-Sisters

Aerion is said to be the spitting image of his father in looks and often displays a similar character, however, the two are not very much alike.
He knows what he wants and goes to lenghts to achieve his goals, sometimes appearing ruthless and cold, but being anything but. Aerion has grown from a life of hardships and loss, willing to sacrifice a lot for his family and the country he has rebuild from the mess his parents left it in.

Still, he refuses to take his rightful place as king, ruling the kingdom as regent until his chosen successor, the immortal born Princess Marjam feels ready to take his place. He longs to end the long war before that and leave her a flourishing and peaceful kingdom.


Aerion used to train his younger brothers in combat, seeing the most talent to take over his fighting skills in Djemal and the Twins Ayasha and Kalisha. After suffering from a near mortal injury in battle he has retired from fighting, leaving the training and leadership of the kingdoms military to Djemal, naming the then 25 year old prodigy his first general.


Due to his heritage he seems way younger than he actually is, but his character and choices often show his true age.

Deep down he's tired of a life of war and wishes to retire someplace quiet where noone would find him to live the rest of his days alone and in peace.


After the death of his only love, his only true confidants are his half-brother Kaith and his sometimes friend, sometimes advisor Ash Crescent.